The first theme park in Istanbul VIALAND, contacted us for the creation of their main mascot and the development of the characters/mascot of the park.
Client: Vialand Theme Park
Character Design: Luca Schenato
  Making of Captain Gaga 
Instead of a concept art, we decided to pitch the project creating this clay model.
Clay model: Luca Schenato
Some of the Captain Gaga's early concept ideas.
We've made these quick sketches in order to support our presentation about Captain Gaga's childhood story.
Digital paint over 3D model for the first version of Captain Gaga.
Digital paint over 3D model for the final design.
Costume designs for the mascotte character .
Pitch frame for  the "welcome" sculpture at the park entrance.
3D model for the creation of the 5 meters sculpture build on the park entrance.

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