THE BRAVE HEART or (The day we enabled the sleepwalking protocol) / SHORT FILM 
UK / 10 mins. 
An independent, surrealistic action/comedy film where a brave Heart takes a journey inside the body to try to sort out the problems of an hungover morning.
Written and Directed by: Luca Schenato and Sinem Vardarli
© 2018
Character design process from early sketch to the final toon-shader look
 Concept Art works by Luca Schenato
Written & Directed by: Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli              
Production: Luca&Sinem
Producers: Luca Schenato & Sinem Vardarli
Script: Luca Schenato
Design & Animation: Sinem Vardarli, Luca Schenato​​​​​​​
Sound Design Supervisor: Suat Onur Ayas
Sound Editors: Okan Isik, Justin Stark
Voice Actors: C. Gunyol Bakoglu, Luca Schenato, Sinem Vardarli, Ahenk Demir, Deniz Kavalali, Nivi Jasa
Film Music score: Mert Tunay,
Official Selections:
Animatriks Animation Festival  2018
Future Film FEstival 2018
Edinburgh International FIlm Festival 2018
Los Angeles Cinefest 2018
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