Concept art and character design for a comedy style TVC film pitch.
Concept art and character design for ''Edwards : Storks''  pitch
Concept art and character design for ''WESTJET'' airlines Pitch
Concept art and character design for ''BBC'' Strictly Come Dancing Pitch.
Pitch frame for ''RHINOCORT'' nasal allergy TVC.
Pitch frame and character designs for "DFC_Cheese" Canada TV campaign.
Concept art  for a TVC with a "7 dwarfs" bit on it.
Art direction and character design for ''ZOOX'' set on San Francisco streets.
Cornish fishermen character design 
Art direction Pitch frame for a NETFLIX Tv serial title sequence about vampires.
Pitch frame for "Oreo_China" TV campaign.
Pitch frame for ''BBC'' Orwell's Animal Farm short film adaptation.
Pitch frame for ''Valfrutta'' Triangolini TVC.
Agency: Leagas Delaney Milan
Pitch frames for ''Sunfest Asia'' TVC.
Pitch frame and character designs for ''Rite'' USA.
''The Brave Heart'' short film Bg/concept arts.
''DR.ZE'' pilot film Moodboard/concept arts
An Example of a Bg design Luca made from the "The Amazing World of Gumball" Cartoon Network Tv show.
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