On our latest collaboration with TROUBLEMAKERS and Wunderman Thompson we directed a delicate blend of 2D animations and 3D backgrounds for Euphytose Nuit.
Relax and watch it.
Directors: Luca & Sinem 
Production company: Troublemakers
Illustrations: Gabriella Bianca, Luca & Sinem
Art Direction: Luca & Sinem 
Executive Producer: Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant: Sara Rimbault
Layout: Luca & Sinem
Layout & 3D Animation: Romuald Caudroit  
3D Modeling: Alexandre Scalvino 
Texturing, lighting & rendering: Alexandre Scalvino 
2D characters animation: Diane Tran-Duc 
2D FX: Florent Tailhades
Compositing Nuke: Lise Fischer
Client: Euphytose Nuit
Agency: Wunderman Thompson 
Creative Director: Thomas Derouault
Artistic Director: Florian Amoneau 
Copywriter: Thomas Blanc 
TV Producer: Fanny Renard 

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